Masuk Angin

Masuk Angin robot band would not have been possible without
the expertise and assistance of
Mat Valdman - Drum tech genius/engineering / General excellence and patience
Wil Campbell - Engineering, Arduino Software and Povera mimicry.
Keith Urquart - Midi to Arduino Software.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Utopian Slumps Gallery

Utopian Slumps presents 

Masuk Angin 3 piece junk exotica robot band 
SOUND TRACKS, a new publication recently
produced in collaboration with Asialink for the Jakarta Biennale.
Improvisation, movement and sound.
Sound Tracks will be producing a series of street based collaborative
nomadic music events across 3 countries in 2011-12.
Writing by Amelia Barkin and Christopher L G Hill
Thursday ; 6-8pm
Friday : 12-5pm
Saturday :  3-8pm (w human collaborators)

    Gamelan Robot front and side view.

sideview of gamelan robot

 Details of drum robot

   Detail of guitar and drum robot.

Thanks to Saturday nights incredible musical collaborators
Chris L G Hill - vox
Tarquinity - clarinet,percussion
(Bum Creek,Thug Quota)
Jesse Dimmick - saxaphone , percussion
(actual holes)
Wok the Rock - whip

audio from the performance soon...

Sugar Mountain Festival

Work in progress

                                    sent by wil

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Masuk Angin - Utopian Slumps